Monday, March 3, 2014

An Outline of Contents

Go Thunk Yourself Revisited - go beyond clearing to find your bliss

How to Create the World You've Always Wanted; How to Regain Your Personal Freedom.

To describe this book effectively, I'd simply have to tell it from the beginning. And that is what this blog will actually wind up (minus the bonuses.)

I've done this with all the books to this point, and I don't see any reason to stop now. You deserve to know how to improve and created your world into the way you want it. This book series caps off with this final collection of essays as the journey and paths up to and past enlightenment were uncovered.

Now, I'll shortly be transcribing them here for your use. (Of course you can always buy the complete series from the special offer above, so you can read them more easily...)

Part I - Masterworks on Personal Freedom
Dale Carnegie - Certainty is Key
Napoleon Hill - Fuel a Burning Desire
Charles F. Haanel - Understand the Universal System
Wallace Wattles - Give Value in Excess
Earl Nightingale - Know the Strangest Secret
Serge Kahili King - Live Lessons From Long Ago

Part II - Releasing Your Freedom Essays
Section I - Getting Started
Section II - What This Can Mean For You
Section III - The World is Just as You Create It
Section IV - Ultimate Freedom is Already Within You

Part III - Freedom Summary and Action Steps

As I can, I'll dig this out and fill in the gaps of this. For now, this should give you a taste of what you can expect...
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello, World!

This new, and final book (of all my self-help library) is to be a final recap of all I've worked out at my own "path up the mountain".  To this degree, I'll be revisiting the shell of what I've been working with, and fleshing it out/rebuilding it on the foundations of the old.

What I've recently discovered has markedly changed my approach to finding personal freedom and ability, but it is still rooted in the same base as before.

This blog will more than likely simply be a video and multi-media journal of what's in the book and my research for it. There is no deadline for it at this point - we'll simply have to see how this goes as it does. More intuitional work on this than other - which is a natural approach.

But I'm putting this up as a record of what I find and where - so you can see how this book is written as it goes.

Regrettably, I don't have more to say at this point. Or particularly anything to foreshadow right now as a "come on".

But thanks for visiting.

Meanwhile: see "A Midwest Journal"